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Hey, guys in this article, I will tell you how to translate without app on android.

We have selected five of the best online translators for you. Let's talk about their main advantages and disadvantages, how to use them correctly and how you can bring the text of your translation to the ideal.

How To Translate Without App On Android

How can I translate without an app?

The answer to the question of how to translate a site without an app can be answered with one simple word, ‘Google’. Yes, you can easily translate without the app. 

Google Translate is the most widely used translator in the world. It is the most used website for translating websites, emails, and other documents, and it is also the most used app for translating. Google Translate is a simple way to translate without an app. Anyone can use it.

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How do I turn on translation on my Android?

If you have an Android device or have used an Android device, you know that apps are pretty much a necessity. But even for apps that are available, you might not be able to use them if you don’t speak the language. 

Imagine an app that lets you type in text in English, but it’s displayed in German. That would not be helpful to you. Luckily, Google offers multiple language translation apps for Android devices.

Translate is a simple, easy-to-use translation tool for your Android phone or tablet. With the touch of a button, Translate turns your device into a powerful translation tool. 

It supports the translation of single words, phrases, and even entire sentences, between many spoken languages and their written counterparts.

How do I translate text on my screen?

Google is making it easier to translate text on your phone. In a blog post outlining the feature, Google said it's rolling out an easier way to translate text on your phone. 

Instead of hunting down the translation option in the app drawer or the apps list, you can now just hold the home button and tap on the translation card that pops up. 

The feature is available on phones running Android 6.0 and up, and supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

Google has announced a new feature for Google Translate that will allow users to translate text from one language to another by simply holding down the home button and tapping on a card that pops up. 

The text can then be translated without leaving the app or screen the user is on. The feature is available for phones with the language set to English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, or Russian.

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How To Translate Without Apps On Android

1. Microsoft Translator

The creator is Microsoft. The service has a mobile application for iOS / Android and a browser version. You can use it offline by preloading the dictionary.

The service has more than 60 languages ​​in its arsenal. Translates texts from photos and screenshots work with audio format. For the user on the platform, foreign language guides and phrasebooks are available.


  • Large language base.
  • Working with photographs.
  • Recognition of audio text.
  • Synchronizes with different applications.
  • Selects a variety of translation options.
  • Synchronized by typing in meaning.


  • Translation from a screenshot / photo / picture.
  • The site is in English and is not adapted for another language. The translator of the browser, which is installed by default, will help you translate.

2. Systranet

Systranet provides translation services software services for various companies.

The company has created an online translator in the public domain so that customers can familiarize themselves with the work and quality of the service in advance. The program works on different platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS. It is built into the Samsung Galaxy S and Note by default.

The service is self-learning and remembers the history of your transfers, so it can be customized for your constant use. To make the translation as accurate as possible, the platform has thematic dictionaries with a specific direction. It translates text in different formats: web pages, files.


  • Translates in 41 languages.
  • Translates documents and web pages.
  • Works across devices and platforms.
  • Translates RSS documents - the main source from the news feed, to which the publication refers.
  • Self-taught.
  • The user can create his own dictionary.
  • Thematic dictionaries.


  • The site of the service is in English, but we read it with a browser-based translator.
  • You can only translate up to 1000 words in a text at a time.

3. Yandex translate

A worthy competitor to Google Translate, which can translate short and long texts, as well as the texts of entire web pages. The accuracy of the translation is good and understandable, and the semantic component is not lost. The service offers several options for translating words and synonyms. Able to predict words by meaning, which simplifies and speeds up translation if you forgot how a word is spelled. Translates text from a picture or photo, and works with audio text.
Available for download on Android and iOS works in browsers, installed by default in Yandex.The browser on phones and computers. Works with over 40 languages. The application can be used offline, but before that, you need to download the dictionary and add-ons.


  • Works without the Internet in the application.
  • Can be downloaded to any device.
  • Offers synonyms for the word and translation options.
  • Text hints.
  • Over 40 languages.
  • You can make blocks of words for memorization.
  • The limit is more than 10 thousand words.
  • Spell checks and editing.


  • The rarest languages ​​translate with misfires.
  • No transcription


Detailed online language service. For a more accurate translation, the user needs to specify the direction of the text: science, business style, etc. Translates popular expressions, phraseological units and takes into account the context. 20 languages. The program has an internal dictionary, grammar help. When translating, it offers variants of the word according to the context, adapts according to the meaning. The service can be added as a program for translating web pages in the default browser or as a widget.


  • Suggest your translation.
  • Works with web pages.
  • Translates in 20 languages.
  • Translation of the text according to the meaning.
  • Several translations of the word (depending on the context).
  • There is a grammar guide and textbooks.
  • You can specify the subject of the text for an accurate translation.


  • Up to 3000 characters at a time.
  • Translates text only.
  • Doesn't sound like translation.
  • Translation cannot be edited.

5. Google translate

The most versatile and practical translator with convenient functionality, nice design, and high-quality translation. Google translate is used by more than 500 million people. Translates 103 languages, work with web pages and plain text. Can translate from photo or audio text.

The service is perfect for quick translation, but we do not recommend trusting it with the translation of articles, documents, and dissertations - otherwise, you will have to refine the meaning and grammar. Offers translation options and synonymous words, and also displays the grammatical characteristics of the word. Speaks and transcribes sentences.


  • 109 translation languages.
  • Pronunciation of words and sentences.
  • A huge number of dictionaries.
  • Transliteration and transcription.
  • Editing of the final translation.
  • There is an application that can work without the Internet.
  • Translation of the text from images.


  • Does not take into account context when translating.
  • Character limit up to 5000.
  • Large translation errors in some languages.

Working with translators

For the most accurate translation, it is necessary to correctly approach the work with the selected service and the subsequent analysis of the text in terms of meaning. You should not completely rely on the result of the work of translators - it is better to correct grammatical inaccuracies on your own and bring the material to the ideal.

When the service has translated your text, do the following:

Grammar analysis of the sentence, as in school. Determine the predicate, subject, object, and minor members in the text. Find inaccuracies and semantic contradictions. The translator may not take into account verbal adjectives or phrasal verbs.
You can independently double-check the translation of words that you are not sure about, and then link them by meaning.
You can use additional services of online dictionaries (ABBYY Lingvo Live, Multitran, Reverso), where there are all sorts of options for translating words and phrases. They are created by professionals, they give many synonyms and versions of the context:

I hope you understand how to translate without app on android.

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