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How to transfer apps from android to android via Bluetooth. Hey, guys in this article, I will talk about how to send apps to another phone via bluetooth.

How To Transfer Apps From Android To Android Via Bluetooth

File transfer is something that is related to the Android operating system, basically from the beginning. I did this practice for various reasons, one of which is sending applications when I bought a new terminal. Until now it has become a very complicated task, but now it is not so complicated.

And it is that in the past we lacked data transfer options between Android phones, without this involving the study of a master's degree in computer science.

Processes were somewhat slower and their knowledge was not available to all users. Today, just a few applications will be enough to explain application transfer without the need for cables or the use of the cloud.

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How To Transfer Apps From Android To Android Via Bluetooth

Behind this question is a simple answer. The applications, even if they are downloaded from the official store, are nothing more than APK files that are responsible for opening or closing the application or game every time we order it.

For this reason, when we send an application from one Android to another, what we will do is simply generate that file format to make the transfer via Bluetooth much easier.

Bluetooth transfer applications

To generate that APK file and send apps from one terminal to another, we just need to download a few apps from the Play Store that will help us in this process.

We are going to analyze two in particular, which have great support and are very easy to use, although there are other exponents from which we can choose.

Share application between mobile phones - Application sharing

How To Transfer Apps From Android To Android Via Bluetooth

It's not a title, it's the name of an application. Once we have it installed, it will show us all the applications we have in the terminal, which we will be able to share in a simple way with another device.

We select an application that we want to share and a context menu will appear with various actions to be performed, including sending the file via Bluetooth.

You need to consider activating this software on both devices, otherwise, you will never be able to transfer applications.

Once the action is done, it is sent to the other Android device in APK format, with a message confirming the acceptance of the shipment.

Of course, if we already have the "Unknown sources" option enabled, we will be able to install the application directly right now, although if we do it later The file will be stored in the "Downloads" directory.

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APK Extractor

It fulfills the same goal, although it includes other ways to get to the same place.

Unlike the previous one, this application will not be able to work if we do not grant storage access permissions, because it has to create a folder to host the files there.

From that step, all installed programs, even internal operating system programs, are displayed.

For the transfer, we choose an application and a way to send it. If we click on it, a file will be extracted directly to the folder we mentioned a moment ago, which to access the application file we have to go to that folder, called ExtractedApks.

However, there are three small dots on the right side, which, if we press, the option to share directly. An APK file is generated that can be shared via both Bluetooth and other types of wireless delivery systems.

There are many, but we chose  Share APK Bluetooth App Sender because it does not require strange permissions and offers limited advertising within the application. In addition, it has many more features than what we are looking for, Bluetooth sharing.

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Sharing APK Bluetooth App Sender, the third and most universal way to share apps

The technique is quite straightforward once it is installed: you will be able to distribute programs in seconds.

You do not need the person you are sending applications to have Bluetooth App Sender installed at any time. Send the Apk from your mobile. Of course, keep in mind that Bluetooth is a sluggish connection.

  • Open Bluetooth App Sender Mobile Sharing APK.
  • Click on the applications section and choose the ones you want to share.
  • Click " Send APK " and select Bluetooth.
  • Choose the friend you want to send applications to. You should activate your Bluetooth connection and leave your mobile phone uncovered so that you can find it and send the files.
  • Once you've selected your friend's mobile, the selected apps will be sent to the Apk.
  • Your friend will only need to install the Apk when they receive it (they need to activate unknown sources).
  • Don't know where the files went? Use only a file manager: Android saves what's received via Bluetooth in a folder with the same name that is in the storage space.

Bluetooth App Sender APK Share lets you share all the apps you have installed, whether they are free or paid.

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More apps to send apps via Bluetooth

In general, all applications of this type that allow you to send an application to a wireless friend work in a similar and simple way. Here are some alternatives that you can try in addition to the ones.


In this article, I told you how to transfer apps from android to android via bluetooth. In the article, I have discussed the process of transferring apps from an android phone to another android phone via Bluetooth.

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I hope you understand how to transfer apps from android to android via bluetooth.

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