How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Android Without Google Account | 3 Best Ways

How to transfer contacts from android to android without google account. Hey, guys in this article, I will tell you how to transfer contacts from Android to Android.

How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Android Without Google Account

I will help you out with a simple guide on How to transfer contacts from Android to AndroidSo, a The biggest problem you will face when you buy a new phone is, whether it is an upgrade or a replacement of the carrier of your old phone is changing your contacts. 

It can be time-consuming or frustrating if you want to do it together.

Wait, what if there was a way to avoid all the boring look that works over some app or process?

No, it will be enough! We have options for you to transfer your contacts from one phone to another without any hassle. All you need is a few minutes of relaxation and an internet connection.

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How to transfer contacts from Android to Android

Have you just bought a new Android phone with design, technology, and performance? Now you need to move all of your contacts from Android to Android which is very convenient.

Well, most of your users will be completely reset when you first turn on your new Android phone. This is possible because you have signed in to your Google account on your Android phone.

There are three ways to do this in 3 ways. All three solutions are simple and easy to use. It totally depends on the user as they like. Each method is explained in detail to the users.

Method 1 :

Call Connected in Gmail Account and activate it in New Phone

Every Android Phone makes it possible for the user to use Gmail services and download apps from the Google Playstore. One of the features of Gmail is that it syncs the data on your phone to the Google database.

You can use this information to move people from one phone to another. Let us see the steps for that.

If you can not find your contacts in Google Contacts, here is how to sync your contacts to your Gmail account on your phone.

  • You need to sign in to your Gmail Account for your device to see your names in Google.
  • Make sure your phone has Gmail installed.
  • Open the App Drawer, go to " Settings " then click on " Accounts and Sync "
  • Make sure Accounts and syncing services are turned on
  • In your email account settings click on " Gmail " And make sure the Sync Contacts option is selected.
  • Now tap “ sync now ” And your contacts will be synchronized with your Gmail account.

Method 2 :

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Use Android Assistant to Transfer Information from Android to Android

Help Android is an easy-to-use program that lets you sync people from one mobile phone to another computer, and then transfer them from one computer to another. on Android without any problems.

Not only contacts but also SMS messages, photos, videos, songs, apps, etc. can be switched between two Android devices as well.

Thousands of phones and tablets are supported by this project, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, and others. Now, you can follow the step-by-step instructions below to change where you can call your Android phone for Android.

Let us see the steps that need to be taken to reach users in Android contacts.

Step 1: Launch the replacement phone and connect the old Android phone

Install the program after downloading it. Then unplug it and then connect your old Android phone to the same computer with a USB cable. The program will automatically detect the phone number when the connection is completed.

Step 2: Backup the contacts from the old phone to the computer

You can see that all files are listed in the main interface, including Apps, Music, Photo, videos, books, Files, Contacts, etc.

Just click the "Meeting Sites" button and you can see a list of all the details with the details. Select the contacts you want to contact and hit the "Backup" button to export the Android phone to the output computer.

Step 3: Sync contacts on the new Android phone via computer

After all, people have been redirected to the computer, you can shut down your old Android phone and turn your new Android phone from computer to computer once again.

Restore the program so that it sees the new Android phone and then you can click the "Restore" button on the program window to bring up all the backup files you have done with this program.

Just select the contacts you have changed in the steps above and start updating them for your new Android phone.

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Method 3 :

Use Phone Transfer directly to Sync Call on Android Phone

Phone Converter software is designed to transfer files between two devices in an easy and fast way, no matter whether they are running the same operating system or different.

With this software, you can communicate from one mobile phone to another Android phone with easy ease.

Aside from people, you can use this software to copy other files such as music, videos, apps, etc. As a supported device, this software is compatible with a wide range of devices running Android, iOS, and Symbian OS.

Below is a free trial of this software! You can download the correct version and follow the instructions below to transfer contacts from one Android phone to another Android phone!


First, open the software created on the computer, and then get your two Android phones connected to the computer via two USB cables. Then you will see the following interface. Please select a phone type to Switch to Phone.


The folders are set on the top panel. You can then access different files to preview more detailed information.

During the preview, you can select the people you want to switch from one Android to another Android. Finally, click on the left or right arrow key to start the file transfer. Then just wait for the process to complete in a moment.

It does not matter if it is running Windows or Mac, just pull out the switch right from the phone to switch to this software and follow the same procedure.


Hope you enjoyed reading How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Android.

Thanks to, good planning and the right tools, it is easier to transition to your author and have a backup of your clients. I am sure no one will use the traditional green color instead of copying people alone from your old phone to the new one.

I hope you understand how to transfer contacts from android to android without a google account.

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