How To Record Whatsapp Call On Android

How to record whatsapp call on android. Hey, guys in this article, I will talk about how to record whatsapp calls secretly.

How To Record Whatsapp Call On Android

WhatsApp is a free, instant messaging app. It is used to send text, images, audio, video, and other media over the Internet.

Like other instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, and Threema, WhatsApp uses the internet as its backbone.

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Why record Whatsapp calls?

It's not a secret that Whatsapp is one of the most widely used applications and a great way to get to know what your friends, family, and clients are up to.

Naturally, many users like to keep their privacy when using the application. But if you are using your phone to keep track of important conversations with your clients, or to keep in touch with a loved one, it might be a good idea to record Whatsapp calls.

When we started talking about the Whatsapp calls being recorded, we didn’t think we would get so much attention. We just wanted to share a story.

Now we have a lot of people asking us how to record Whatsapp calls and we understand your curiosity.

But the first thing we have to say is that we are not encouraging you to record your calls or to record other people’s conversations. To us, it is not a good practice.

We understand that there are some situations when you need to record a call and we are not against it. But we think that in most cases there are better ways to deal with a problem than recording calls.

How to record Whatsapp calls on android

As you know, WhatsApp is the world's most popular instant messaging application. It is present on almost every smartphone.

Whatsapp is used by more than a billion people worldwide. WhatsApp is a free application. You can easily install it on your device. By default, calls are not recorded on WhatsApp.

But you can record the Whatsapp calls. Follow given below steps:
  1. Install cube call recorder on play store.
  2. just give permission.
  3. When you call on WhatsApp you can see the cube call recorder widget.
  4. Just click this widget and start your call recording.
I hope you understand how to record whatsapp call on android

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