How To Take Screenshot In Samsung A20 | Very Easy Way By Shocking Apps

How to take screenshot in Samsung A20,. Hey, guys in this article, I will talk about how to take screenshot on samsung a20.

How To Take Screenshot In Samsung A20

How to screenshot the Samsung A20 can be done in 2 ways, namely by using a combination button or without touching the button at all.

Yes, we can take screenshots using additional features that the Samsung A20 has. Namely, just by swiping the screen with 3 fingers it will automatically be captured and stored in the cellphone gallery.

There are two variants that are owned on the Samsung Galaxy A20 and a20s devices, in general, to take screenshots the way is the same.

So in the steps and tutorials on how to screenshot the Samsung A20 below, it can be applied to the A20s cellphone.

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Confused about how to take a screenshot in Samsung A20 / A20s cellphone?

It is very important of course, with this feature you can do documentation on your cellphone such as WhatsApp chat, Facebook chat, website pages, and so on.

How To Take Screenshot In Samsung A20

This Samsung cellphone, which is equipped with sophisticated specifications, does have a solid screen, and powerful specifications that are suitable for use by all circles.

Screenshot of Samsung A20 Without Pressing a Button.

An interesting feature that can be used for smartphones is being able to take screenshots without using buttons or just swiping the screen.

Unlike old Samsung cellphones, or rather those that still use the operating system such as jelly beans, or the old android version, which only supports SS by pressing the combination button.

To be able to do this SS by activating Palm To Screen Capture, here's how.

  1. Please enter "Menu" then Go to "Settings".
  2. On the Settings page, please scroll and select "Advanced features".
  3. Then select "Motion And Gesture" and then activate "Palm Swipe To Captured".
  4. Then you can take a screenshot by swiping the screen.
  5. Select the area or page that you want to SS, then swipe with your palm until you hear the shutter sound and the screen flashes.
  6. The screenshot was successful, and the results can see in the gallery.

Easy is not the method above, now the second option is you can use the combination button, and here's how.

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Screenshot Via Key Combination.

  1. First, please specify the area or page to be a screenshot.
  2. If it has been determined, please press the "Power button and Volume Down" simultaneously.
  3. If you hear the shutter sound and the screen flickers, it means that your Samsung Galaxy A20 Screenshot process is complete, and your SS results can be seen in the gallery.

How to take long screenshots on a Samsung Galaxy A20 cellphone.

With its ability to take long pictures, this is pretty cool, because generally, cellphones that don't have a long screenshot feature will take screenshots repeatedly for the sake of integrity.

Not for A20 / A20s, how to activate long screenshots on this device is also very easy.

First, open the menu, select "Settings" then select "Advanced Features" and Enable "Smart capture" As shown below.

After activating the feature, users can take long screenshots according to their wishes and the conditions of the limits can be adjusted.

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Thus this article that we can share regarding how to screenshot the Samsung A20, Hopefully, it will help and be able to answer your questions and difficulties.

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