What Are The Advantages Of Telegram Over WhatsApp?

What are the advantages of telegram over WhatsApp? Hey in this article, I will talk about the advantages of using telegram over WhatsApp.

What Are The Advantages Of Telegram Over WhatsApp

The advantages of Telegram over WhatsApp and other excellent messaging applications are that many users want to switch to Telegram and abandon all WhatsApp.

However, WhatsApp depends on almost everyone, and it is very difficult to replace it. However, it is not necessary to abandon the Facebook messaging platform in order to get the most out of WhatsApp.

In my special case, I started using Telegram for work issues, and finally, I used this application as a way to communicate with my friends and family.

Although I still rely on WhatsApp, over the years, I have reduced my reliance thanks to the many advantages of Telegram over WhatsApp.

Obviously, Telegram is not for everyone. Telegram is ideal for anyone who needs a messaging application that allows us to synchronize all of our data across each and every one of its devices.

If you want to know the important benefits of Telegram compared to other telecommunications applications in the market, I invite you to read more.

What Are The Advantages Of Telegram Over WhatsApp?

Delete and edit comments without restrictions

Surely at more than one time, you have wanted to delete unsent messages from the line WhatsApp. Indeed. Although it is true that WhatsApp allows us to delete the messages we send, because it works, it only gives us a limit of more than 1 hour.

In addition, in the interview, it will notify a warning to all interlocutors of the interview that we have deleted the message, so it can raise suspicions and inappropriate misgivings.

We will not see this issue in Telegram. In Telegram, there is no time limit to delete the messages we have sent. No matter if it was an hour, a month, a year, or 6 months ago, we would have been able to delete the message permanently.

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Also, it will not leave a trail of applications.

If we talk about message correction, again, the advantages of Telegram over WhatsApp are difficult. When Telegram allows us to change the message on WhatsApp, the only thing we can do is delete the previous message or rewrite what we typed correctly.

Cross-platform and synchronization of discussions

What Are The Advantages Of Telegram Over WhatsApp

Another advantage of Telegram over WhatsApp, we see it in its work. Telegram is cross-platform and all messages can be synced between all devices.

WhatsApp, for its part, wants our smartphones to stay open and connected to the Internet at all times in order to access the Web.

Telegram and WhatsApp work differently. When WhatsApp encrypts the message from end to end (from device to device), Telegram stores all the messages on the server, and from there they are sent to each Telegram application. associated with the same account.

This does not mean that Telegram is more secure because messages are sent from one terminal to the server and from there to every application affected. WhatsApp, it claims, does not store copies of messages on its servers.

Due to the different functionality of each platform, we can understand why Telegram allows us to modify and delete messages without any problems and WhatsApp does not.

No phone needed

Part. The phone number needs to be registered on this platform, just like on WhatsApp. However, our phone number is not one of the ones we have identified in the application.

Once we have registered our phone number, we need to create a nickname or nickname. This nickname or nickname will be our number on the platform. When someone searches for us, they need to use our nickname.

Unless we modify the privacy features of the application, no one, no one will be able to find us on the Telegram with our phone number.

Transfer files up to 2 GB

WhatsApp allows us to send files up to 100 megabytes in size. Telegram, for its part, also allows us to send files of any kind, but with a maximum limit of 2000 MB.

Thanks to this major limitation when sending data, Telegram is ideal for sharing large data with others easily through a computer without having to go to such a platform. as WeTransfer.

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The group has about 200,000 people

The Telegram group allows up to 200,000 people, a limit more than we can find on WhatsApp. Thanks to messages, hashtags, and the ability to answer questions directly, we are able to communicate with many people without falling into the huge category that this platform offers us.

Unlimited user channels

Another favorite feature that we see in Telegram is the ability to create channels without restricting users. Telegram channels are a type of news channel, in which communities can broadcast information of any kind so that every user who writes it can keep it.

Use of bots

Thanks to the bots, the management and supervision of the channel and group is very simple. Bots are small services that govern, depending on how we set them up, the function of the channel.

For example, we can set it so that every new user picks up the group or solves the captcha before speaking to confirm that they are an individual. It can also be set to display the rules of the chat channel or group when new users join.

Two accounts at once

While WhatsApp only allows users to have one-to-one numbers, Telegram allows us to create 2-digit numbers per phone. In this way, we can separate the functionality of the Telegram or our own use.

audio video messages

One of the features that very few users use of Telegram is the ability to send voice and video messages. Voice video messages are voice messages similar to WhatsApp but with our photos.

This work is useful when we want to explain something in a way that is easier than just words.

End-to-end encrypted secret chats

Telegram allows us to create end-to-end secret conversations. These conversations are not synchronized by Telegram servers because they use the same method as WhatsApp.

To access these forums, we can only do so through the device from which we started the conversation. In addition, it also allows us to set our language so that they are removed when they are read or when the time is up.

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It also allows us to make phone calls and video calls

Although the number of interlocutors making phone and video calls are not as high as in WhatsApp (which uses the Messenger platform built into them), with Telegram, we can also make and receive phone calls.

Customize the design to maximum

The number of customization options that Telegram gives us is so high that we can spend a few hours finding a design that fits our needs.

Needless to say, WhatsApp's customization options select from a variety of needs.

I hope you understand what are the advantages of telegram over WhatsApp?

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