How To Recover Facebook Account Without Phone Number 2022

How to recover Facebook account without phone number. Hey, guys in this article, I will explain to you how do I recover my Facebook account when I don't have my same phone number or email?

How To Recover Facebook Account Without Phone Number

As you all know, take advantage of the benefits, and create an account on each social network that has its benefits and risks. And you are probably well aware of the advantages of applications such as Facebook.

But you know about the risks like hacking, forgetting your password, losing your phone number, etc. That's why we want to show you what to do to recover your Facebook account without email, phone, or password.

The social network Facebook is the most widely used in the world and it is very easy to open an account from time to time it adds new features to its platform. To keep its millions of happy followers who use this social network every day to share photos, videos, SMS, and now audio messages.

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On another occasion, we explained what to do if you want to recover your Facebook password if it is forgotten. But in this case, it is very different and a bit more complex because you are not going to use a conventional recovery method. Just like your email or your phone associated with your account.

How To Recover Your Facebook Account Without Email, Phone Or Password

It is now possible, thanks to increased levels of security that this platform has added to user accounts. Because it is already known that the various setbacks that unfortunately usually occur. Like forgetting passwords, falling victim to hackers is something that has become very common in recent years.

Next, we'll show you three foolproof methods that are sure to help you:  recover your Facebook account without email, phone, or password. But first, you should immediately call technical support personnel. And in this way, you should report that you have been hacked and that your information has been changed, that you have forgotten or lost your account access data.

If you encounter any problem while logging in, you should report it immediately, thanks to this link, you can do it quickly. You must now enter the requested information below. First write down an e-mail address that you have active, in which you will receive information about the status of your report.

Now you need to clearly state what happened, what you think happened to your account, what actions you took and what the page responds to. You also need to add the link of the account you want to recover or your own. If possible, send a screenshot of the error that occurs when entering data during login.

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You must confirm your identity on Facebook

This step is very important because you are telling the platform that you are who you say you are. To do this you need to open the following page, if you prefer a link, you will do it without wasting time. It is important that you take a coin identité considered valid, it can be:

  • Drivers license
  • Birth certificate
  • the DNI
  • Visa or passport
  • tax identification
  • Marriage certificate

In addition, you must do the following, when you: choose the ID you must take a photo of it. You need to make sure it is readable and you need to save it to your computer or removable memory before you can download it. How to do this, by clicking on the option Choose documents and search for the document with your identification.

And now we add it and finally, we need to fill in the space corresponding to the email address or phone number. Here we will receive information related to our application. And finally, just create a clip in the Send option, keep in mind that this process can take between 10 and 30 days.

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In this not-so-simple but effective way, you can recover your Facebook account without email, phone, or password. And in this way, we have given you the solution to a problem that becomes very common every day, and thanks to this article you were able to solve it.

I hope you understand how to recover Facebook account without phone number.

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