How To Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages Of One Contact On Android

How to restore deleted WhatsApp messages of one contact on android. Hey, guys in this article, I will talk about how you can recover WhatsApp deleted messages one contact. 

How To Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages Of One Contact On Android

Can I recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android?

Yes, you can easily restore your WhatsApp messages on android one contact but you will need one laptop or computer and install one software on your laptop or computer.

This software will help you recover your one-contact chat on WhatsApp how do you get this software just go to imyfone go there and install the software.

How to restore deleted whatsapp messages of one contact on android

When you have a backup, there are several ways to restore the WhatsApp chat history for a single contact on an Android phone.

One of these techniques is the standard one of uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp so that WhatsApp may instruct you on how to restore your chats.

Given that it cannot specifically target one contact, this technology has many drawbacks. However, you may also utilize our iMyFone ChatsBack program if you only want to focus on one contact.

Follow given below steps:
  1. Connect your Android phone to the computer, then open ChatsBack on the PC.
  2. Choose Google Drive as the recovery mode you want to utilize.
  3. In order to access the backup, log into your Google account. Select the backup and then select Next. To scan the backup, you must enter your WhatsApp password and account.
  4. After scanning, choose the old WhatsApp messages or the individual contact you want to restore. To save the messages to your computer or to your device again, click Recover.

How to back up chats for one contact on WhatsApp

Follow given below steps:
  1. Open the WhatsApp app and choose the contact whose chat you wish to backup.
  2. The contact's name should be clicked if you are using an iPhone. Pick the Export Chat option on the Contact Details screen. Users using Android phones should select More by clicking the hamburger icon in the top right corner of the contact chat screen. Next, choose Export chat.
  3. Choose the program you wish to use to back up the chat, such as Mail, iCloud Drive, Gmail, or Google Drive, and customize your backup to be with or without media.
  4. The software will provide instructions on how to finish the backup.

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I hope you how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages of one contact on android

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