How To Temporarily Disable WhatsApp No 1 Way

How to temporarily disable whatsapp. Hey, guys in this article, I will talk about how do you deactivate WhatsApp account for some days?

How To Temporarily Disable WhatsApp

How to Temporarily Disable Whatsapp. As we know, with Whatsapp we can share messages and files to make voice calls or video calls. In fact, we can create or join several groups at once and there are many other interesting features that we can use on Whatsapp.

But unfortunately, Whatsapp does not have a feature to log out like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. So for some people who want to exit or temporarily deactivate their Whatsapp account, they find it difficult. And this time, we will discuss ways that we can do to disable Whatsapp. Here's the full review.

About Whatsapp

We don't need to doubt anymore with the Whatsapp application, an application that has many other features and advantages that make it easier for us to communicate with loved ones even though it is hindered by long distances.

Whatsapp also allows us to create or join several groups at once which can contain hundreds of participants for each group. So this is also the main attraction of Whatsapp for its users, which has now reached more than 5 million people.

How To Temporarily Disable WhatsApp

Although it has many advantages, in fact, Whatsapp also has a disadvantage, namely, it does not provide a logout feature. So those who feel uncomfortable about chat notifications from the Whatsapp application and want to log out for a while also find it difficult.

Especially when they are playing online games such as Mobile Legends or PUBG Mobile that require full concentration, the presence of Whatsapp chat notifications sometimes makes them irritated and wants to disable the Whatsapp application on their smartphone. And actually, there are several ways that we can do to overcome this problem, namely:

1. Using the existing settings on the smartphone

No need to delete the Whatsapp application, you can use the existing settings on your smartphone, namely by selecting "Settings" and continuing with "Manage Applications". You look for the Whatsapp application and disable all existing settings. That way, all your WhatsApp chat notifications will not come in because you have disabled the notification display along with the internet network.

2. Using the Greenify App

In addition to using the settings menu on your smartphone, you can also use the Greenify application to temporarily disable Whatsapp. You can search and download the application on the Play Store for Android devices. If it has been downloaded and installed, you can immediately open the application and click " My Device no Root " and continue by clicking the " + " sign in the upper right corner. On the next page, you select the Whatsapp application and click the " Zzz " icon to deactivate your Whatsapp.

That's an easy way that you can try to disable Whatsapp for a while easily. Hopefully useful and can help those of you who are in need of this method. Good luck.

I hope you understand how to temporarily disable WhatsApp.

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