Why Does Snapchat Not Work On My Phone? How To Fix Snapchat Not Working

How to fix Snapchat not working.Hey, guys in this article,I will talk about why is Snapchat not working on my phone? and how to fix Snapchat.

Why Does Snapchat Not Work On My Phone

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps among young people worldwide. Its content that disappears 24 hours after downloading them is a key in this application.

Like the other applications we have set up on our Android phones, there are times when the app does not work . If this happens, we need to find a solution.

If Snapchat has stopped working on your Android phone or it has given issues with its function, there are solutions we can try at any time.

They are very simple solutions in any situation, which will help us to make a name for ourselves in the working relationships that have always existed on our smartphone.

It's not easy an application on Android not working or it starts causing problems. The root causes of these failures are many, including solutions that we can always apply for this problem.

Regardless of the failures or issues that have arisen in this community discussion, we can request a solution that will make Snapchat work better on our phones.

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How To Fix Snapchat Not Working

Restart Snapchat on Android

When an Android app encounters a problem, one of the key solutions we can suggest is to restart the app .

It can be a temporary mistake and restarting to request everything works normally. You need to close Snapchat completely, some of which we do from the recent menu (click on the button at the bottom of the cell phone) and then close the app. Then we can turn it on again on the phone.

It looks like after doing this, Snapchat will work correctly on Android again. Sometimes it does not work for a while, because the app is frozen or due to a phone problem.

Return phone

Another real solution, but to this day still provides the best results in the face of a problem. If Snapchat does not work on your Android phone, you can try restarting the phone .

Usually, problems with the apps occur in the process of the cell phone and when you restart the device, all the processes stop and the phone starts working from scratch. This allows to resolve this issue, so the app will restart when the mobile phone starts up.

Hold down the power button on your phone and in closing the menu on the screen press reset . Wait for the process to complete and when it restarts, enter your PIN. When done, you will seem to be able to open Snapchat, without any downtime.

Has Snapchat fallen?

There are times when an application like Snapchat does not work because its servers are down. 

It is a problem that many of you have had previous experience with Android apps, because it also happens with others like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp from time to time.

This is probably why this network communication does not work over the phone. In this case, we need to identify whether it is true or not.

To find out if Snapchat works or not, we can go to Downdetector, available at this link. This page tells us in real time if there is a problem with an app , this is a social network.

So we can see that it has gone down, if there are many users who have encountered the same problem and the world map shows where you can see where that problem occurs.

There are times when this decline is in one area or restricted to certain areas, while in other cases it is global. 

This website will provide you with this information, to determine if this is a problem or at least the rights it presents as a site.

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Snapchat does not work on your Android phone because you need to update the app . There were times when the old app started causing problems on the operating system smartphones, making it necessary to upgrade to the new one so that everything would work as usual. 

In this case, the solution is very simple, we just have to go to Google Play Store and look for the update for the app, check if there is an update for it. If this is the case, if there is an update, then install it on the phone. Most likely, the app will restart normally.

On the other hand, it is possible that Snapchat is not working properly with their clear history in the recent update . 

There are sometimes updates of the app causing problems in its operation. If this is the case, if your problem starts after the update, we can do two things: wait for the update or go back to the previous one. 

The first option thinks we are waiting for the developer of the app to release the update, we do not know how long it will take.

In case of reverting to a previous version of the application, we are updating the one that we have previously set up again, so everything works normally, as before the update.

This is a bit of a process, but it will allow using Snapchat as usual. So we are waiting for a future update to the app, so we do not need to go back to the previous version.

Internet connection

Simple things like having problems with your internet connection can cause Snapchat to malfunction.

That is why we need to identify the status of our Internet connection, in order to be able to determine whether this is a history of application failure. Here are some things we can do in many ways, each of them in a simple way:

  • Try opening other apps : If it can run another Android application that requires an Internet connection (Chrome or Facebook, for example), then the problem does not lie with your Internet connection .
  • Switch connections : If you are using a cell phone, try using WiFi on your phone to see if it can use Snapchat on your phone all the time or not. Another thing, that is, if you are connected to WiFi, it goes to the mobile data to see if it works properly.
  • Quick Test : Your internet connection may be too slow, causing problems when using Snapchat or other apps. You can try a quick test to see if there is a problem with that link, at least to confirm that this is a history of failures with the app on your Android phone.

Remove Snapchat cache

Another old solution when having problems with an Android application, including Snapchat, is to clear your cache 

Using apps over time causes a build cache on the device, which allows it to open faster, for example.

However, if too much cache stores too much of the device, you run the risk of the cache being damaged.

If this happens then bad issues with the app will occur, which may be what has happened to us in this case. The steps in this case are very simple, we should do this:

  1. Open your phone settings.
  2. Go to Applications.
  3. Find Snapchat in the list.
  4. Access this application.
  5. Go to the Memory section.
  6. Then click on Clear cache or Clear files and cache (depending on your phone).

Once you have cleared the cache try restarting Snapchat on your phone . Most likely, community relations will resume normal and thus end the situation in which you have suffered.

Some people recommend clearing the cache with occasional, but it is certain that we can only do so with problems with its function.

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Review permits

It is always available for permission that we allow the application to interrupt its operation. Snapchat needs Android permission to work naturally, but if we do make some changes, such as removing the permission, this will affect its performance.

There may be a social responsibility role that restricts this approach, preventing its use over the telephone. In these cases, we need to identify the authorization, to see if this is the cause of the problem. We can do it with these steps:

  1. Open Snapchat on Android.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Enter the Authorization section.
  5. Determine if you have removed an important permission to work.
  6. If there is one you have removed, re-enable it.

Also in the settings of your Android phone you can check these permissions , so you will see if you have revoked an permission from Snapchat, which causes problems in the operation of the app in most or one of its functions.

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