How To Hide Apps In Oppo A12 | How Can We Hide Apps In Oppo?

How to hide apps in oppo a12. Hey, guys in this article, I will explain to you How can we hide apps in oppo?

How To Hide Apps In Oppo A12

Depending on whether you want to see the app more on your Oppo's home page, or want to hide the app so that it remains invisible, there are solutions to hide app icons.

How to hide an app using Oppo? This article will show you what to do to disable an app, uninstall it, or remove it from the home screen. Secondly, you will see what to do to hide the apps installed on your Android phone while still being active.

How To Hide Apps In Oppo A12 Or All Oppo

In practice, we can find several ways to hide an app on an Android device depending on your purpose. We will explain the various solutions to you.

Delete the app from your Oppo's homepage
Depending on your phone, you may be able to remove the app icon from the front desk. To remove this icon, you just need to long-press on the icon and you will be asked if you want to remove the icon from the home page. This manipulation is possible only on certain cell phones.

Hide the app by permanently deleting it from your smartphone

To prevent an app from showing up again, you can uninstall it completely. If you don't need it anymore, there's no point in keeping it in your Oppo. An unused app is taking up your phone's memory.

Disable the app on your Oppo

You don't want to delete the app because you might need it later. You can only turn it off by going to your Oppo's settings menu, then selecting "Apps" and choosing the app you want to deactivate. Then select Disable.

Hide app on android phone with launcher

You will be able to install a new launcher on your Oppo like New Launcher. A launcher is an app launcher or desktop equivalent on an Android smartphone

Install the Nova Launcher app from the Google Play Store. This application will allow you to completely change the reception of your Oppo. 

It also allows you to hide apps from home. You can also change icons as well as news feeds. After activating the launcher, go to the drawer, then select Hidden apps, and tick the apps you don't want to see on the home screen without having to uninstall them.

How to hide a photo or video?

To learn how to hide photos and videos on your Oppo, read our article. We'll take a detailed look at how to hide pictures you don't want anyone other than you to have access to.

Best app to hide app on Oppo?

App Hider will be an app that will allow you to hide an app without using a launcher. To hide an application, follow these steps:
  • Open App Hider
  • Second, select +
  • Then select the app you wish to conceal.
  • Click the green bar on Import (Hide/Double)
  • The app icon is imported into the App Hider.
  • Click the imported application icon
  • click Hide if you want to hide the app
  • or on Dual: you can decide to hide the app behind a different icon. For example, hiding Tinder behind a calculator app. The PIN needs to be activated.

How do I know that I am being spied on?

You can find out if you are being spied on through apps. Depending on your purpose, the application will be different.

For example, to find a hidden app on your Oppo that can spy on you, you read about two apps in the second article, however, if you want to know if someone is stealing your smartphone without your permission, you can install the app.

If someone takes your smartphone and enters the wrong code or chart, a photo will be discreetly taken and sent to you via email or notifications.

If you ever want other information about your Oppo, we invite you to explore the guides for Category: Oppo.

I hope you understand how to hide apps in oppo A12.

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