How To Increase Internet Speed In Mobile | Boost Internet Speed In Mobile

How to increase internet speed in mobile. Hey, guys in this article, I will talk about how can you increase my phone Internet speed?

How To Increase Internet Speed In Mobile

A smartphone is always at hand and is the main source of Internet access for most people. Therefore, it is important to know the main ways to increase the speed of the Internet on your phone in order to always be able to use the worldwide network as comfortably and quickly as possible. 

How To Increase Internet Speed In Mobile

1. Changing the Connection Format
In new models of smartphones, 4G is standard and is activated by default. However, older phones may be set to 3G, which has a slower data rate. Therefore, if you have an old smartphone model, you need to go to the settings and manually select a new connection format. 

2. Removing unnecessary applications
Many applications can consume data even in the background. Arrange an audit and remove old, unnecessary applications that slow down the device and the Internet. 

3. Turn on data saving mode
Some browsers have a simplified mode, which compresses pages to increase their loading speed. In most cases, you will not even notice the difference, only on some sites the image quality may decrease or some elements may disappear. 

Description of how to increase the speed of the Internet on Android from the official Google website.  

4. Use light versions of applications
Many popular applications have light, Lite versions. Due to the simpler design and functionality, they allow you to achieve good performance and increase the speed of the Internet. 

5. Clearing the cache
Over time, each application accumulates a lot of unnecessary data that can affect the speed of its work. From time to time, clear the cache to speed up the Internet on Android. 

6. Phone reboot
In addition to clearing the cache, it is also important to sometimes restart the phone, as if it is used continuously for too long, it can start to slow down.

7. Using Special Applications
There are a number of applications that can increase the speed of the Internet by making better use of all processes. However, the opinions of users on their accounts differ. For some, they really help, while for others they can, on the contrary, slow down the connection. Try installing a similar application and see how it works for you. 

8. Choosing the right place
Although now the mobile network is very widespread even in the most remote villages, anyway, in some places the connection can be worse - in entrances, elevators, in some parts of apartments, etc. Before complaining about poor internet, try to get out into an open area and check the speed there. 
9. Changing the tariff plan
If none of these tips worked, talk to your ISP about how you can improve your mobile internet by switching to a faster data plan. 

10. Device change
If even changing the tariff did not help, the matter may lie in the phone itself. Like any other technology, over time, the smartphone becomes obsolete and starts to work worse. Perhaps you should think about changing the device, and not about increasing the speed of mobile Internet.  

I hope you understand how to increase internet speed in mobile.

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