How To Install Chrome Extension On Android | Chrome Extensions On Mobile

How to install chrome extension on android. Hey, guys in this article, I will talk about how you can install Chrome extensions on Android.

Install Chrome Extension On Android

What do you think is the main feature of Google Chrome? Not convenience, intuitive interface, and excessive gluttony, as one might think, although without them nowhere.

The key advantage of the search giant's browser is extensions that allow you to make it better. In fact, these are applications within an application that open up additional opportunities for the user.

Another thing is that by default, only the desktop version of Google Chrome supports extensions, while the mobile one does not. However, there is a workaround to access them on Android.

The original Chrome does not support extensions on Android. But it's not a problem

Kiwi is a browser built on top of the Chromium engine. The one that underlies Google Chrome.

Therefore, in terms of the logic of work and support for all key features, Kiwi will not differ from the original Google browser. The only difference is that Kiwi supports desktop extensions from the Chrome Web Store .

How To Install Chrome Extension On Android

Mobile browser with extension support

Basically, Kiwi allows you to install Chrome extensions on Android. However, the question is whether they will all be equally useful in the mobile version of the browser, given that they were created specifically to work on the computer.

However, I tried installing a few random extensions and found that they work absolutely flawlessly:

Install the Kiwi browser from Google Play;
Run the application and open the context menu;

Kiwi supports any extension, but themes can be problematic

Select "Extensions" and open the Chrome Web Store ;
Find the desired extension and click "Install";
Wait for the extension to load and test it.

I have repeatedly installed a variety of Chrome extensions on Android - from the translator and dictionary to the grammar checker and games - and everything was in order.

True, some extensions designed for a large screen refused to work in already open windows, requiring them to be launched in new ones. This occurred, for instance, with the dictionary.

But themes, which are very popular in Chrome, for some reason refused to work in Kiwi. I tried installing a variety of themes, but none of them applied.

I think this is due to some kind of bug, because some time ago I already tested Kiwi, and everything worked. I could apply absolutely any theme that changed the appearance of the browser.

How to replace Google Chrome

Kiwi browser is very good in terms of functionality

The Kiwi developer has done a great job to eliminate the main shortcomings of Google Chrome and offer users a more perfect and convenient solution.

Having retained the key advantages of the original browser, he added chips that are completely atypical for Google to its structure. Therefore, in addition to extensions, the browser is distinguished by the following features:
  • Built-in adblocker;
  • Permanent mode "PC version";
  • Built-in night mode;
  • Google Tracking Protection;
  • Lack of synchronization with a Google account;
  • Ability to move the address bar up or down;
  • Support mode for one-hand operation;
  • Ability to hide or not hide the toolbar;
  • Support for additional control gestures.
Keep in mind that installing extensions puts an additional load on the device running Kiwi. Your device will consume more main and RAM memory, and will also use more processor resources and consume more energy.

This is a necessary sacrifice that you will have to make if you want to use desktop extensions on a mobile device.

Therefore, I would not overdo it by installing extensions. Otherwise, you run the risk of turning the fast and convenient browser that is Kiwi's Chrome into a slow and laggy Chrome that no one wants to get used to on desktop platforms.

Therefore, keep in mind that you can remove extensions from Kiwi in the "Extensions" section of the context menu. Disabling them will not be enough, so feel free to click "Delete".

I hope you understand how to install chrome extension on android.

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