How To Track An iPhone Location For Free | No 1 Way To Track iPhone Location Free

How to track an iPhone location for free. Hey, guys in this article, I will talk about how to track an iPhone without an app.

How To Track An iPhone Location For Free

Losing our iPhone is the worst thing that can happen to us today, for many users, even more than a wallet, because it is not only a matter of business, but in recent years it has become a tool that contains a lot of information about us, through different applications that allow us to personally manage the information of our bank accounts, credit card, passwords, identity card.

When the iPhone started to become a device associated with the situation of the people who owned it, the theft of this device was important to the friends of others, was the device that was stolen most of the time.

The United States. To prevent thieves from stealing items for resale, Apple pulled the Find My iPhone face up over its sleeve, a feature that allows us to stay away. deactivate our iPhone so it can be reused unless we have the password of the account number it was associated with.

By searching My iPhone activities, we can know at any time, which is the area of ​​our device, including the last time we had internet access, the ideal function for when we were lost he or she has forgotten its location and the battery of it is about to run out.

But in addition, we can also send sound to the device, functioning well when we have lost it in the house, between the pillow of the chair, the camera, or in any room but we can not hold it. 

But the most essential thing this function gives us is the ability to block remote devices so that no one can access our terminal even if you know the number opens the trade to it.

The remote blocking option also allows us to show a message in the terminal when we have blocked it so that in the event of the disappearance of the terminal, the kind Samaritan who finds you can contact us to return it to us.

How To Track An iPhone Location For Free

Why it's not a good idea can not Find My iPhone

Disconnecting My iPhone has a bad function, except for the special reason we are selling the device, we will see it in the next section.

This function allows us at all times to control our device, control with which we can block it, display the message on the screen with our phone number to send back to us, delete any content in addition to searching it, including the address before it was left without internet access.

Why do I have to lose it?

Only advertised for misconduct to search for my iPhone only and only when we need to get the device back when we are ready to sell it, so it does not interfere with our Apple ID.

In this case, it could be the tool itself or the iTunes application which will ask us to deactivate it if we want to reset it from scratch.

How to Disable Find My iPhone from iPhone

The fastest way to disable My iPhone is always through a device, be it an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. To do this, we go into the settings menu, click on our user and then click on iCloud. The next screen will show all the iCloud services we have opened on our device. We need to find my iPhone and move the switch to the left to deactivate it.

At that time the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch will ask us, yes or no, the password of our iCloud account, if there is no way we will not be able to make the work of iCloud provider, yes as you need a password on hand.

Disable finding my iPhone if it does not turn on

If our iPhone is fully functional and there is no way to access it, we should make sure that there is no Find My iPhone option before bringing it to service. We need to access the website.

Once we have access to the information of our Apple ID, click on Search, and select the device from which we want to hide our iPhone function. Next, we go to the top right corner of the screen, as our name suggests, click on the drop-down and click iCloud Settings.

Click on the tool we want to deactivate the Find My iPhone function and click o show on the right side of it. The website will not ask for confirmation and that we enter the password of our device further. Once the process is complete, the Find My iPhone feature will no longer be disabled.

Lost My iPhone on Windows or Mac

Apple does not have an application to make Find my iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch work directly from our desktop or laptop, so we have to do it over to do the same that I was introduced to you in the previous section.

Disable can not find my iPhone repair

If our device has a problem, both externally and internally, be it the screen or the internal device, the first step we need to do is always disconnect the Find My iPhone function.

This process is necessary and appropriate for Apple to replace all attachments of the product and then verify that it works once the problem is solved.

If we can access the device we follow in the section Order my iPhone from iPhone Packs. But if we can not open it, we can do it from as well, and as I explained in this section Disable finding my iPhone if it will not open.

Disable Find my iPhone without a password

The only way to disable the Find My iPhone function is with the password of our iCloud account, without which it would be impossible to do it since it is a necessary procedure able to complete processes.

If it can be hacked without the password of our iCloud account, the security provided by this activity will not be effective.

Lost My iPhone via iCloud

If we do not have our physical device on hand to be able to fail the Find My iPhone function, the only way to do so is. from the website, follow the same procedure that I mentioned above in the section Disable my iPhone if it does not turn on.

I hope you understand how to track an iPhone location for free.

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