How To Use Mobile Hotspot Android | Connect Android To Mobile Hotspot

How to use mobile hotspot android. Hey, guys in that article, I will talk about How you can use my hotspot on my Android phone?.

How To Use Mobile Hotspot Android

I made the decision to revisit the topic of establishing an Android smartphone as a mobile WiFi hotspot.

There is currently a tonne of Android-based firmware versions available. However, you can enable a feature like a wifi mobile hotspot in whatever model you own, be it a Samsung, Huawei, Honor, or another.

However, not every phone user knows how to set up the distribution of mobile Internet via WiFi with a laptop or computer.

Although you can share your 4G-LTE signal over a Wi-Fi network from any operator - MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele 2, etc.

Today we will see how to enable and configure the name and password for the WiFi hotspot if you have a Xiaomi phone running the MIUI shell for Android.

What is a mobile hotspot on an Android smartphone?

Today, a mobile hotspot can be made from any modern smartphone that runs on the Android operating system.

In order to distribute the Internet via wifi from a smartphone to other devices, including a computer or laptop on Windows, there is no need to install any additional applications.

You can share the Internet using the built-in tools of the Android operating system, which has such a function as "Access Point".

Using your phone as a WiFi access point for mobile Internet is especially convenient when you are away from your laptop.

And there was a need to go online with it. For example, I like to sit and work in a cafe or park. If there is no free WiFi connection in this place, then it is straightforward to turn your phone into a router and distribute wireless Internet from it to your laptop.

How To Use Mobile Hotspot Android

How to enable mobile WiFi hotspot on an Android smartphone?

In order to enable the mobile hotspot on your smartphone, go to the Android OS in the "Settings" section and open the "WiFi hotspot" item

Here you need to activate the switch, which will turn on the relay of the mobile Internet over the WiFi network

However, these steps are not enough to connect a laptop (or computer) to the Internet via a phone. You also need to make a small network setup - come up with your name and password to connect to the WiFi signal.

Setting up a WiFi network name and password from an Android hotspot on a smartphone

Therefore, in Android connections, go to the "Wi-Fi access point settings" section. By default, the network will have some name, in my case "Redmi".

But we can set our own name (SSID) that other smartphones, laptops, and computers will see in the list of wireless networks to connect to.

As a protection, we leave the default value - "WPA2 PSK". This is one of the most secure connection encryption protocols today.

For secure WiFi relaying, you will need to set an eight-digit password to connect to the point, that is, our Xiaomi smartphone on Android.

Additionally, you can select a frequency band (2.4 or 5 GHz) for the access point of a mobile phone on Android

After saving the access point settings, your mobile Internet from MTS, Beeline, Megafon, or Tele 2 will become available for connection on a laptop, computer, or another smartphone.

How to connect a Windows computer or laptop to the Internet through an Android phone via WiFi?

After that, all that remains is to start Windows on a computer or laptop and connect to a WiFi network from an access point on an Android phone.

After that, you can use wireless mobile Internet in the same way as if you were accessing it through a regular router

Just keep in mind that with this method of connecting to the Internet, money will be spent on your mobile phone account, or gigabytes included in the tariff of the mobile operator. To restrict traffic, you can use the Android hotspot settings on your phone.

If you have an Android smartphone, but not Xiaomi, then read our other article about using a smartphone as a modem.

How to disable hotspot on android smartphone?

In the event that you stop using the Internet on a laptop or computer, you must immediately disable the mobile hotspot on your Android.

And the point here is not to worry about the security of the connection, although it also has a place to be.

The constantly working function of the WiFi access point will idle relay the signal of the mobile Internet, and this dramatically drains the battery of the smartphone.

Therefore, if there are no active clients, it must be turned off. This is all done in the same "Access Point" section in the network settings on Android.

I hope you understand how to use mobile hotspot android.

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