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Why does my WiFi turn on by itself Android? Hey, guys in this article, I will talk about Why does my phone turn Wi-Fi on automatically?

Why does my WiFi turn on by itself Android

Faced such a problem that WiFi turns on by itself on an Android phone? It seems that you turn off the network, but after a while, you find that the smartphone itself offers you to connect to some kind of wireless access point.

Although just a few minutes ago WiFi was turned off. If you do not notice in time and do not deactivate it again, then the battery will be “eaten up” by a few percent, and the phone will run out prematurely.

Why does my WiFi turn on by itself Android?

I will not write about mythical viruses in the system, due to which wifi can spontaneously turn on. Personally, I have never encountered them on my phone. In fact, in most cases, this is not a mistake, but a feature of setting up a mobile operating system.

By default, Android has the function to automatically search for new WiFi networks in the background, even when the wireless adapter is turned off. Regardless of the manufacturer of the smartphone and shell - Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Tecno, Oppo, Vivo, etc.

The only exception is flight mode when absolutely everything is turned off. Therefore, even if you turned off only wifi, the smartphone will continue to scan the air for a new access point. This is necessary in order to more accurately determine your location.

There are certain applications that need to determine your location on the map - Google Maps, 2Gis, Yandex Maps, Delivery Club, Yandex Food, etc.

Very often, for positioning accuracy, GPS coordinates alone with geolocation turned on may not be enough. Therefore, Android is constantly trying to pull up the coordinates from the Wi-Fi. It does not help much, but the battery sits down before our eyes.

How to disable automatic WiFi on Android?

In order to permanently disable the search for a wifi network, you must:
  1. Open "Settings" and go to the "WiFi" menu

  2. We see that the wireless network is turned off. However, under the switch, there is an information block explaining why you need to automatically turn on Wi-Fi. We need to click on the link "Settings for searching Wi-Fi networks"
  3. And here turn off "Search for Wi-Fi networks"
  4. At the same time, check that Bluetooth is also deactivated
Now we return back to the previous step and see that the inscription in the information block has changed. This means that the automatic search for networks by the phone is turned off and wifi on Android will no longer turn on by itself.

I hope you understand why does my WiFi turn on by itself android.

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